I'm a twenty-something year old who lives in the lovely city of Athens, Georgia. A short coffee date (chai, please) with me and you'll soon realize my love for real conversations, sunshine, running, my high school sweetheart of a husband, and our spotted pup- Cali. I'm a former Child Life Specialist and Neurodevelopment teacher, and a current lover of all things playful and creative. 

I started Stamped and Finch out of my passion for people’s stories, the things in their life they have said yes to, their past, and their dreams. I want to create something that is so personalized it can not only serve as a personal Kodak moment reminder, but as a starting point for deep, real conversations. Along with stories, I have a deep love for words- their specific definitions, their roots, and the profound impact that they have on our lives. Certain words have the power to reset my focus, recenter my priorities, and remind me who I am and where I'm going. I love creating pieces of art that do the same for others. 

Stamped and Finch is a one woman shop- I hand stamp, assemble, package, and ship every order in a small basement studio. My husband, Josh, is a huge source of encouragement and support, and I wouldn't be able to live this dream without him.